Tøj|eksperten Birkerød


Bogner: Fire + Ice – Creative Exhibition

Vintage Barbers in Berlin


These 2 (there were actually 3) groomed barbers lived on the same hotel as I did, and I was pretty sure they had something to do with the fashion week based on the way they dressed. Vintage waistcoats, brogues and pinstriped pants. They were art themselves. As you can see above they had an exhibition which was open for everyone too see. This really gave alot of attention to the fair, which in my opinion is a great way to show what you’re capable of!

Danish Fashion & Textile presents: “Details”


Danish Fashion & Textile “Details”

As I mentioned earlier, details are one of the main reasons why most of us fall in love with the product, because that tiny detail often defines what the designer had in mind to create. This danish short-film shows exactly what many people love: Details.

One of the things in this video that I think is awesome, is the fact that they dont show us details in clothes, they’re showing us details of the wall, woman and even fur. They manage to bring out a message, which we understand even though theres no clothes.

Great work, Danish Fashion & Textile.

21′st – 29′th of March


Premium Fair: Pieces from Italian Tombolini

Upgrading.. What a feeling!

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Jersey Jersey Jersey!

Lots and lots of Jersey this F/W. Wether it’s blazers or jeans..!


Blazer by Digel’s collection called “Move”

Little Things Matter

Never underestimate the details. The little things you sometimes dont think about. Those things that makes you stand out.
Wether it’s shoes, a bracelet or even a ring! Here’s a few things I noticed around Bread & Butter, that could easily define what you’re trying to express.




Bread & Butter

f2Behold the entrance of Bread & Butter!

So this might’ve been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had riding a cab. Seeing the people on the street, rushing to Bread & Butter in their most fashionable outfits, pumped as hell and ready to go! I dont think I can recall seeing so many great looks in one place!

And if you weren’t shocked once you stepped into the lobby, they made sure you would when german heavy metal came bursting out of the speakers at 10 AM when they opened.
Great way to get your adrenaline going..!